Carolina or Bust: The Sum Total of 2015


IMG_8739Normally this time of year I do a year in review post but my recent trips to North Carolina sums it all up.

Last week /weekend I spent majority of my time in North Carolina.

I took a long ride to Charlotte on Christmas Eve to keep a friend company on his drive to Richmond to be with family.


We made it back to Richmond and the hustle and bustle of Christmas began.

The next day I left for Hatteras.


I had the pleasure of working with the family of one of my favorite clients, Krista Gray.


Makeup: Heather Toler   Photographer: IYQ Photography

Krista’s parents were celebrating 20 years of marriage by choosing to do it all again.

Angel, Krista’s mom, is such a beautiful character. I asked her and her husband, Jim, how did they do it?

How do you stay married for twenty years and decide to say yes again.


Jim, “It’s hard work.”


Lisa, ” It’s a lot of trying, forgiving, friendship and loving.”


I also was able to see some of my favorite people, Keith, Michele and Judah.

IMG_6621This lady, she just is.

IMG_8002Michele is an awesome person. She’s taught me so much, not just in the words that come out of her mouth but in her footsteps. I’ve seen her in happy times, pressured times and other times and you know what… she’s just level. Same vibes throughout.

At the beginning of this post I said this would be my year in review.

Well here it is…

This trip was the sum total of all the things I learned this year.

Jim and Lisa’s words verbalized many of the things I learned this year.

When me Keith, Michele and Judah chatted it up it was awesome to see, “I’m not the only one.”

Top Lessons of 2015

15.Keep Up With Your Spiritual Practice.

14.See People For Who They Are and Who You Are With Them.

13. Make a Commitment to Yourself.

12. Make Time For Friends and Loved Ones

11. You Can Do It. Whatever it is you can make it happen.

10. Don’t Quit

9. Removing yourself from unhealthy situations isn’t quitting, it’s wisdom.

8.Take time for healing, physically and mentally.

7. Dance it out,  sometimes it’s the only way.IMG_3926

6.Don’t focus on what you don’t have or what you’ve lost, work with whats available, with whats left. 

5. Dream Again.

4. Have a FORWARD mindset.


3. Breathe


2. Hope

1. Don’t be afraid of looking silly. Life isn’t that serious.


See ya next year!


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