Behind the Scenes: Troop 491: The Adventures of The Muddy Lions

  Summer of 2012 I had the amazing opportunity to work on my first feature length film, right here at home in RVA. After months of preparation, casting, building the crew, we all came together for three weeks to film … Continue reading

On The Hunt…

As a makeup artist I often have events, premiers, and networking things to go to. When in attendance of these things it is my greatest desire to look amazing.


Sunday night I did a test run with a potential personal makeup artist and I must say I think she’s a winner. Check out our time together:

Makeup W/ Mary

Makeup W/ Mary Pt 2

Makeup W/ Mary Pt 3

Makeup W/ Mary Pt 4

What do you think? Personally I love the look Mary gave me and was kind of sad I didn’t have an event to attend with here super on trend look!

BTSW: It All Start’s With A Script

Welcome to Post #2 of BTSW – Behind The Scenes Wednesdays!

For this second post I want to give you a glimpse of what organization skills a MUA (Makeup Artist) must have to have success on a shoot, be it film or fashion.

Today I will deal specifically on Tv/Film work.

For me it all starts with the Script…..

As makeup artist we are helping the client, model, ad agency, director, producer, tv network tell a story, sell a product, show an image. In order to do that effectively we must know the story, the product, the mood, an exemplify it in our work.


So for me it starts with the script. I usually sit down with a soda, chocolate, and my department copy of the script, and read through it. I get  a feel for the characters by the descriptions, I get a feel for the desired look by the mood of the characters, and I alter that look through the progression of the story.

Right now I use the Kindle App for iPad  to bookmark, notate, and view my script. (Yes I generally am a Macwhore, however, I have found the kindle app easier to use and view, than my ibooks app.)

Next I go to my Continuity App by Hill Cook (another find from Shelley Illmensee), enter the production information, characters, makeup notes (products used i.e.).


I then snap a picture, a copy of the photo is stored in my camera roll, and imprinted with scene data


This is especially useful when you are shooting scenes out of order, which is about 99.9% of the time, or when you have pickup days.

These are just some of the things that make my set life a bit easier, and I hope it’ll help yours! At this point all thats left to say is do your best, have fun, and breathe easy!




Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. – Confucius