Realness Wednesday: Curls, Curls, Curls…

*Today marks the beginning of a new tradition on my blog: Realness Wednesday. Realness Wednesday is where I/we get real and talk about the “& Stuff” portion of my blog.

Curls, Curls, Curls….

I love my curls.

I love my curls because they are uniquely me.

My curls are a monument to my father and a second coming of my mother…


I few weeks back I saw this video on youtube…

I absolutely cried my eyes out when I saw this and for two reasons.

The first reason was the little ladies who weren’t in love with their curls and the second was the moms and band that came together to help them love it.

I didn’t grow up rocking my curly hair, but I also didn’t I grow up hating it. I was indifferent to my locks because I knew it was me, 100% me and that was okay. This is what I hope to remember about my whole self now and forever, and something I would hope to pass on to my future daughters and sons.

For now, I encourage you to join me in loving your unique self and the uniqueness of others through compliments and kindness. Don’t forget, what you love about them, they may not and vice versa. If you love the chica’s hair next to you, tell her! Make her day. And when you look in the mirror, tell her, make your day!

Comment with why you love your hair, curly or straight. Whatever your hair may be, post why you love it!

Love one curly headed girl to all you out there,